2 Things I Know for Sure

1. There’s no fear in losing connection (with your phone and the outside world). Be glad, in fact. It’s a reminder we need that our phones don’t have what we’re looking for. What we’re looking for is out there in the world. Beautiful mountain scenery, the starry night’s sky, a good book. It feels good to disconnect. Give it a try!

2. Exploring new places is one of life’s treasures. Greetings from the “Treasure State.” It’s a place we’ve never been and every turn is something we’ve never seen before. Yes, I’ve seen spruce trees, but I’ve never seen these! Yes, I’ve seen mountains and marmots and glistening lakes, but I’ve never seen these. I feel so fortunate to get to experience Glacier NP – with only a 12 week season this summer due to snow-packed roads that don’t open until June. And the glaciers will be melted by 2050 or perhaps sooner. I’m sticking to my intention of “staying present at every turn” – except maybe that last 2 miles of our hike today – which was 4.2 miles longer than we calculated. Whoops! Staying present at every turn. Staying present at every turn. We can all stay present at every turn.

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