4 Things to Remember When We’re in a Funk

We all have moments when we feel like lesser versions of ourselves. We feel overwhelmed by things outside our control. We are overcome by guilt for things we did, didn’t do, ate, didn’t eat, said, or didn’t say. We are panicking because it’s 8:15 PM and we haven’t completed a blog post (or written any complete sentences for that matter). And a lot of times, we come away from it fairly quickly with a little forgiveness, sense of humor, and a change in mood.

But this is not always the case. Here are 4 things to remember when we’re in a funk:

  1. It’s okay to feel the way you feel. We live in a world where people want their emotions fixed, brokenness repaired, and troubles resolved immediately. But when we do that, we forget to feel the ups and downs and understand that sometimes we are where we are.
  2. You are not currently on fire. Hey, that’s good news! See, there’s that humor we talked about.
  3. You can freak out a little bit. Let it come out of you. Vent to your spouse a little, wallow in it for just a second, lie helplessly on the ground for just a moment more. It may seem counterproductive, but sometimes it’s the most productive thing you can do with yourself right then.
  4. Try to focus on the things that bring you joy. And that may mean to be entirely unproductive for an evening while you sort it all out. When you’re struggling through messy life things, you need a little of that.
  5. Know you are still a worthy being. Because it’s true.

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