5 Things I Know for Sure

  1. You don’t have to be the best. What matters is how you feel doing what you’re doing. If you’re terrible or even just mediocre, but you enjoy it – keep on enjoying it. It’s not a competition. Well, unless it is – but I’m guessing it’s not.
  2. Naps are always okay. Lunchtime naps, right before bed naps, just woke up naps, meditation naps, bathroom naps (just a quick few moments of your eyes shut usually does the trick).
  3. Playing is living. Laugh a little harder (and longer), say yes to invitations, try something new, be open to ideas – even when it’s not what you would pick, don’t be afraid to feel like a kid again. I mean, there’s a reason kids spend so much time playing. Why did we ever stop?
  4. Garlic should be added to all things (and sometimes eaten on its own). After this past weekend at the Garlic Festival in Hutchinson, Minnesota, I have a new level of appreciation for these pungent bulbs. We ate garlicky food, tasted bits of several varieties of garlic, watched people walk around with garlic-inspired head wear, and almost tried garlic ice cream. Till next year, Garlic Fest. And for now, we have a satchel of garlic ourselves to inspire new flavors in our dishes.
  5. The root of suffering is attachment – Buddha. Letting go of outcomes, expectations, experiences, and objects – now that leads to more peace in your heart and more time to focus on what matters. It’s a practice.

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