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Hey remember that time I wrote an entire blog entry and then it wouldn’t save a draft or publish a post so I copy and pasted and then forgot about it and tried again later and got the word “boutonniere” instead of my entire blog post? Yeah… it was pretty awesome, huh?

To be fair, that’s an incredibly difficult word to spell so SORRY I HAD TO LOOK IT UP! You know it’s the French word for buttonhole? And you know what I first read instead of “buttonhole” just now. Common mistake I’m sure. Apparently boutonnieres or “buttonholes” as they oftentimes (never) referred, are typically in the form of white carnations. I’m going to go ahead and say that’s my least favorite flower– the carnation. Naturally I could list a few flowers I do like… but I don’t seem to know the names of ANY. I’ve based all of my flower selections for the wedding thus far on pictures alone. That’s normal, right?

Let me sum up my weekend with a few key phrases:

campfire brownie cheesecake. costume box & wigs. cowboys & indians. 9 hour drives. the most amazing people ever. dad’s fish tacos. unrealistic idea of what can get done in a weekend.

Thank you to everyone who was a part of our Omaha weekend. With three showers in less than 72 hours– that’s three groups of family and friends– good food & laughs with all. And might I add, I have the best friends a person could ask for. My sister Danielle pointed out to me how amazing it is that we’re as close as we are and we all get along. They’re so creative and give it their all– especially when it’s a theme party! It couldn’t be any better! A special shout-out to the people in charge of all three of the showers. They all did a wonderful job and I couldn’t be more grateful. Seriously though, you guys are all too kind. In other news, I thought I’d have time for 3 yoga classes and a trip to Michael’s. Really, Katie?

One month till they all start traveling North (and then West) to the hills. I’ve been having ridiculous fears like– WHAT IF I FORGET TO SHAVE MY ARMPITS!? and WHAT IF I FORGET TO WRITE MY VOWS!? (seriously, someone remind me…) (and also, I had to edit this part because I wrote “right” instead of “write”– you can’t trust me to WRITE my vows now, can you?) Things are coming together though. Soon I’ll have my assistant, Kelly, here to help me with every list, purchase, and decision. I hope she likes the Custerz. Well, I told her if she likes spending all of her time with me, then she’ll love it.

Last night before leaving work it started to rain. The mere sprinkle from the sky soon turned into a monsoon. Oh good, right in time for me to walk (or sprint) a block to my car. I was soaking wet about three strides in. I like storms (when I’m not standing in them), but one thing that scares me to death is tornadoes. Of course we don’t have them up this way (right??), but that doesn’t stop my terrible tornado nightmares from haunting me. I have dreams like this frequently… I’m looking out into the sky and a funnel cloud forms and immediately turns into a tornado. Soon enough there are like 8 tornadoes swirling around me and terrorizing me. I usually make it out alive, but sometimes I wake up before the end. I’ve even had dreams about tiny tornadoes, like 3 inches tall forming on the ground and turning into large-scale tornadoes. Where does my mind come up with these unrealistic scenarios!? I wonder what it means other than I will forever be afraid of weather radios and putting books over my head in an interior room.

One revelation that was made this weekend was in thinking about the weekends we spent rushing around town in Omaha– from the gym to Target to Hyvee to Nebraska Furniture Mart to Sports Authority back home, put all the stuff away, take the recycling, make dinner. What were we doing? We were making up all these things we had to do, when in reality we were just creating this busyness, this unnecessary chaos, and why? Buying things we didn’t need and checking things off lists just so we could make another list. Perhaps it’s that we don’t have access to stores like this, or we would have to drive 45 minutes to Rapid to get there– but I find that we enjoy our time so much more. We might not be going, going, going, but we’re happy to relax and enjoy the time we have. It’s just crazy to think of all the tasks we made up that we never really had to do– just something I was thinking about 🙂

Till next time, my friends!




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