celebrating our first anniversary with beer instead of paper


One year ago today, Aric and I committed to make each other happy for the rest of our lives. And I’m glad to report that we’re right on track. With 7 1/2 years together, including one year of marriage under our belt– I think we can say we are happy. There are always life situations, environments, and circumstances we wish we could change or finally attain.

We daydream about our future together– what color our house will be, what we’ll name our next greyhound and future children, what style of countertops we’ll have. We dream about the day we can have our laundry room in a room of its own so we don’t have to turn the TV to volume 80. We think forward to a day when we can plant a garden, host a BBQ, have yardwork chores. We look forward to a day when our recycling is picked up at our doorstep (seriously). Like I said, there are always things to wish for and hope for; things you want to change, and of course things you want to stay the same.


As for the things I hope always stay the same:

1) playfulness. This past weekend we took a trip to Iowa. We took a few days to celebrate our anniversary and visited the Pings in Sioux City. If I told you of the silly songs we sang and fabulous dance moves we made up… you would be speechless. It’s one joke after another after another after another. You know how after a vacation, you look forward to some time alone? I never feel that way. Most especially after a great weekend or vacation, I just want to spend even more time together. I think there’s something to say about that. He really is a best friend.




2) support. I wouldn’t say Aric and I have had to experience many life-changing difficulties, but we’ve had our share of… car trouble disasters, $400 veterinary bills, moving (four times to be exact), opposite work schedules, terrible work days. I know I can count on him, and he on me, to work through any funky stuff that comes our way. I like to talk really important decisions out– excessively. Oh, we’ve discussed this topic 9 times, what’s one more? And he puts up with it and has even learned to embrace it. Sometimes our best ideas come up in the 7th conversation. It hasn’t been the easiest thing living away from home. We’re within driving distance (8 hours each way), but with our past winter lasting from October to May this year– we’ve had to depend on each other a lot. So it’s good thing we know we can!


3) love.To me, love is being your downright most ridiculous self and knowing that person will be there for you regardless. This goes for best friends, parents, siblings, grandparents, and of course spouses. I choose to take things as lightly as I can, especially when it comes to Aric and my relationship. Quirks keep things interesting– and it’s not like they’re going away– and why would you want them to? I tend to always turn the burner on the stove up to high and forget about it. He knows I do this and always monitors my stove use. I know he tends to forget to refill the dog poop bags. I check the dispenser before we head out for our walk. You learn and you accept and you continue to love.


I look forward to many more lessons in life, working together to get through things both good and bad, and more moments of ridiculous fun with this guy. Let’s not forget how amazing our life is with that sweet greyhound, Hank. We can only imagine how enriched our lives will continue to be as we celebrate more anniversaries. But for now, let’s enjoy this first one.


Looking back on one year ago today, apart from the fact that I was 20 minutes late to meet Aric for our “first glance” and there were horses tied up to our ceremony spot hours before it began– we had a pretty darn special day. And we loved spending it with all of our friends and family. Here’s to love, happiness, and being ourselves. Happy First Anniversary, Aric. There’s no one else I’d rather spend my days with than you.



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