Your weaknesses are not weaknesses at all. They are a unique part of you.

At some point in your life, you were told something about yourself… something that was bad or made you weak. You were too much of this or not enough of that. You’d never do x or accomplish y. Whatever it was (and likely it happened on more than one occasion), you began to identify with it. It became a part your story… the part that made you question yourself and feel unworthy.

When someone tells you something about yourself (labels you), you often have one of the following reactions:

  1. You believe it. You tell yourself this is who you are and that it is wrong. There is shame, there is a feeling of unworthiness. You tell yourself that you should not be this way and being this way is undesired.
  2. You get angry. Who are they to tell you who you are? I used to feel this way when people told me I was shy. They don’t know me! If they took a moment to talk to me in conversation, they might find that out. This approach felt like progress, but it wasn’t at all. It just left me bitter and with a negative mindset.

I’ve been told I’m too sensitive. Too shy. A worry wart. Too quiet. Hard to read. Too serious. These are all labels I have identified with and felt shame over at some point in my life.

I am a sensitive person. This one is true. I’m sensitive to the point where I can crumble under what some may see as an insignificant situation, conversation, or moment. I now understand this about myself, but that doesn’t mean others do. And that’s okay. I’ve realized that being sensitive does not make me weak. It does not make me unworthy. And it’s a unique part of who I am.

When a flower doesn’t bloom, you change its environment, not the flower. When a baby cries, you comfort it, you don’t break it down. Much the same, when a person does not thrive, you change your approach or perspective, not the person.

What I want you to know is that your weaknesses are not weaknesses at all. They a unique part of you.

Make it your strength. 

Armor yourself in it. 

Embrace every part of you that makes you a unique human being.

Whatever it is your are feeling, know it’s okay to feel that way. The same goes for others in your life. Whatever it is they are feeling, tell them it’s okay to feel that way.

We are all inherently worthy. Know that.

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