goin to the chapel & we’re going to get rained on

“It’s good luck for it to rain on your wedding day!” Such a kind way to make a bride and groom feel better. Unfortunately, you know they’ve pictured sunny skies and a beautiful tree-lined backdrop. But what can you do about weather? Nothing. This morning, after waking up and going directly to weather.gov, it all became real. Well, heavy rain and 74. Okay. Breathe. Umm. Breathe again. So I then google “what to do if it rains in your wedding day.” I read a few articles and blogs. Some great tips. Next I was off to target.com– is there a trip to Rapid in my near future? Hmm, a cute umbrella and wellies would make life better right now. Text my bff, Sarah, who always has what you need. Whether it’s  a set of burlap runners she just acquired or she just knows the right thing to say– she’s always my go-to 🙂 She had already left town, but in true Frick fashion, “I’ll check the gas stations!” Christine & Kerri then assured me photos turn out better when it’s cloudy & rainy. Oh you guys! Am I going to be disappointed if it doesn’t rain?? Haha. But of course this is Custer… and for some odd reason I’d prefer not to be hailed on. Weird, I know.


I wanted a beautiful outdoor wedding out in nature. Now, Katie, Mother Nature is the sun, the wind, the RAIN, the hail even. It’s time to embrace whatever weather you get. Buy an umbrella, smile for your pictures and be happy. It’s the day before the happiest day of your life to date.


Thanks guys for letting me talk that one out. Im feeling good about this (well, duh) but now I’m even feeling good about the weather situation. Rain or shine, I’m still marrying Aric. And that’s something to smile about!

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