I’m alive. I’m here. I’m growing a tiny human. And life is just damn good.

I’ve started several blog posts since I last published. That 30 days of blogging was big for me. It was a huge undertaking, but it felt magical and freeing and like I could accomplish anything my heart would ever desire. That feeling has not been lost. I have been flying high through September and October – living intentionally each day. Enjoying each day. Doing things I love each day. Having positive thoughts and exploding with love and positivity each day. But I am pregnant, so sometimes I cry over prenatal vitamins and shirts that shrink in the dryer and my favorite, I have no idea why I’m crying right now. And actually, even those moments I’m savoring (and looking back on and giggling about) because this is a new experience for me and my body and my hormones who sometimes (or always) have a mind of their own. My pregnancy may have something to do with this feeling of a new, fresh perspective each morning. But I think it has a lot to do with accomplishing that big challenge I set out to do in the month of August. Okay, okay, I’m just about done with my “made the winning touchdown in the homecoming game” story. I promise. I am just so damn proud of myself. Even if I took a two month hiatus – it doesn’t make me any less proud of the work I put out there and it doesn’t change my passions and goals for the future. And it also didn’t affect the way I was living, which I would say is in total alignment with my true self. These past two months have been some of my best yet and I don’t even know how to describe it. I took a step back and tried new things and did what felt good and took the time to experience feelings and thoughts and I just lived this damn life in the best way I knew how. And it felt good.

You know how time just flies by? It hasn’t been for me. It’s been going by at a pace that is comfortable for me to enjoy and get the most out of each of my days. My days feel well-earned. One day doesn’t feel like the next. That hasn’t always been the case for me. The “I can’t believe it’s already X month or Y season or Z holiday” – I’ve said and felt it all before. But it doesn’t feel like that for me right now. Days feel new and exciting. And I guarantee you I haven’t been lounging on the beach in Mexico or become a recent recipient of the Noble Peace Prize – I’ve been doing normal life things like prepping dinner and taking out the trash and peeing constantly (for real) and practicing yoga and making up songs about my dogs and folding laundry and throwing away molding half and half. Like, it’s nothing glamorous, but it feels full and complete and like I deserve to feel this way.

I just wanted to let you know I’m here. I’m alive. I’m growing a tiny human. And we’re all happy and healthy and almost always… sometimes… most of the timeĀ feeling absolutely amazing about all of the life things we get to see and do and experience and feel. Like I said, I’m just enjoying this journey as it is right now – not how I want it to be in the future or how I wished it would have been in the past. I’m here now. Why don’t you join me here šŸ™‚ We all have the choice to change our perspectives and live vibrantly. Start by treating yourself to a coffee and savoring its flavor or catching lunch with a friend or just saying to yourself how grand this life is while you’re sitting in traffic. And soon enough, you’ll begin to believe it and feel it and live it.

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