Live your life in a way that energizes you. Do more of what matters and less of what doesn’t.

It only took me 29 years to say yes to the the things that matter most to me. I lived in fear of disappointing someone (which I did anyway and would agonize over for… days, months, years). This left little time for the things that mattered to me most. Because, well, I was sending the message loud and clear that those things were not a priority (even when I tried to convince myself that they were priorities). I was also spending a great deal of time in the past and future, when the good stuff (and the things I had even an ounce of control over) was right there in the present moment. Sometime between being 28 and turning 29, I said no more. Things started to change and so did I. I felt more peace. More patience. More confidence. More myself.

With this newly welcomed acceptance of self and letting go of all the rest, the More of What Matters Blog was born. A transformation occurred and plans began.

As for the things that matter most, my criteria includes:

– proves to be positive and inspiring

– adds value

– serves as something I am genuinely passionate about

– allows me to step outside my comfort zone (that’s where the growth is…)

I now aim to live for things that make me feel energized and inspired and grateful. Do more of what matters and less of what doesn’t. Give it a try. You won’t miss the things that don’t matter. In fact, you’ll feel free.

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