On the treasures we seek

There are moments in our lives when we get lost in time and space, wrapped by the warm embrace of the thing that brings us great joy. Whether we realize it or not, this is what we’re meant for – this is our treasure. By treasure, I mean our life’s purpose. This is what we’ve been searching for, dreaming of, and waiting on. Along the way, we encountered things that were not for us. In my case, drawing, dancing to the beat, and interacting with cats.

But when we allow ourselves the opportunity to explore our curiosities, we may soon find our greatest gifts to the world are nestled within our biggest sources of joy. For me, it’s hiking, writing, and reading inspirational things – oh, and eating ice cream. Though I don’t always have clarity on where this path will lead, I know I’m doing my part by recalling my joys, doing them endlessly, and believing it will soon be clear.

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