on turning 30 and embracing it


Birthdays hold an exciting energy that sets them apart from all of the other days of the year. Not just my own, but others’ birthdays too. I feel a particular positive buzz when I realize we’ve landed ourselves on someone’s special day. It’s not my birthday today, but I will reach a milestone in 30 days from now. But the reason I’ve set a goal to write for 30 days straight up until my birthday isn’t to put my 30th in the spotlight. It’s to honor my 29th year and the growth I’ve experienced and growth I am working toward. The reason I’m talking about birthdays today and this particular milestone is to share with you that growing older is a beautiful thing. It can be a beautiful thing, if that’s how you choose to see it.

Notice I said “growing older” not “getting older” – it’s not something that happens to you, it happens for you. Really the lesson here is in maintaining an abundant mindset. That means that you truly believe there is enough for everyone – enough resources, enough success, enough positive experience and memories. Enough time. There is enough time for all of us. Birthdays mean more than delicious treats and the love of the people you love and special songs sung in your honor (though all of those things are excellent in my book); when you let them, birthdays┬ácan be the reminder you need that you are worth celebrating and this progression through life can be beautiful, if that’s how you choose to see it. And the hint here is – do choose to see it that way. Trust me, that’s where all the good stuff is…. in the feelings of abundance… and that’s when all of the good stuff begins to flow in effortlessly. All of the love, success, joy, adventure, and understanding. It’s right there waiting for you to believe life works in this way. (Because it does.)

Growing older can be something you dread… like 22 year old me, 23 year old me, 24 year old me, 25 year old me, and so on… or growing older can be something you wear proudly. I choose to view growing older as an opportunity that allows for more amazing things. More beauty. More awareness. More love. More present-mindedness. More growth. More living. But I don’t have to wait until the day I turn 30 to experience these wonderful things or take action on my goals. Instead, I choose today. You can choose today, too. Every moment even. And in the moments you choose not to see the abundant life you live, well, I hope it’s the very next moment that you realize your mistake. I know that’s what I aim to do.

Year 30? Bring it on. I embrace it wildly and all that comes with it.

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