On trusting ourselves

We scour books and articles, social media feeds and pinterest boards in search of the answers that will solve our problems or fuel us with the motivation we need to get started. We depend on others to tell us what to say, do, buy, think, dream. We find special people along the way that help to guide us when we’re in need of support, inspiration, or ideas. But we depend too much on them.

I know because I do it too. I read no less than 349 Amazon reviews before deciding to proceed with my order. I seek out the latest blogs and emails and social media posts from my favorite influencers to give me a new perspective or prompt creativity. I seek validation from Google far too often. Will I die from prolonged numbness in my left arm? It went away, so I haven’t found out yet.

It’s okay to be inspired, confirm suspicions, and receive guidance when we don’t even know where to begin… in moderation, but we must learn to trust ourselves too. We have to remind ourselves to trust our instincts, thoughts, and opinions. We live in a world where it’s easy to get answers at the click of a button or depend on another for something we might already have within us. We have forgotten to first listen to ourselves.

You already know what to say. You have the critical thinking skills to figure it out. You have all of the motivation you need. You can do it, friend, whatever it is.

It’s all within you already (with the exception of knowing whether natural, sulfate-free carpet shampoo will actually work because that is a real crap shoot and we all know it).

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