rule number one: don’t quit in the first place

I stopped blogging. There I said it. I think about blogging sometimes. I’ll start the narrative in my head, maybe even say it out loud. And then there I go… off into the world, living the lifes and doing the things and not writing about the lifes or the things. But something happened today. I was due to renew my web hosting (like by tomorrow) and I thought, “Well shit, if I pay for this… I’ve better blog.” So here we are. One thing about the whole web hosting, domain blah blah, security shmecurity… I’ll be honest… I don’t really get it. But like I said, so here we are. So I must have figured something out. I consider myself somewhat tech-savvy, but sometimes this girl doesn’t know a keyboard from a mouse if you know what I mean (what do I mean?).


Rule Number One: Don’t Quit in the First Place


I’ve quit doing a lot of things in life. Because you know what, I am a perfectionist. And I am the type of perfectionist who is not motivated by any sort of failure or shortcoming, even when that failure or shortcoming is something imagined within my own mind and is not an actual failure or shortcoming. In fact, I go straight back the other way, like it never happened and like I never tried it. It’s not something I’m super proud of. Things I’ve quit in years past: blogging, writing, swimming, clogging, trying to be tan, gymnastics, pretending I have my shit together, knitting (I actually never even started), trying to have the perfect home decor, hiding my undeniable love for Hanson. Okay, so in some instances, it was about time I quit. And some of the things I quit, perhaps I was never that into to begin with. And then there are the select few things that maybe I’ll just pick back up again. And as for Hanson, I’m just glad I grew out of that phase where I was ever embarrassed to like the “MMMBop” band because let’s get real, they are amazingly talented artists and businessmen who just have it going on. And I may or may not want to attend their next fan-only event in Jamaica…


Luckily, I’ve recently rediscovered that as a perfectionist, it’s important to remind myself daily… err, hourly, err, every minute of every day, that you can’t be great at something by sitting around just dreaming about it. But gosh, wouldn’t that be nice? Because you know, that’s something I’m actually kick ass at– daydreaming! Like I bet I could daydream harder than you. Instead, I spring forward to wanting to be the best without wanting to put in the time and the hard work. I want to already “be there” without even trudging through the icky stuff. We all have things we’re working on. Well, now you know where I am. Let’s set attainable goals and make daily strides to reach them. One. step. at. a. time. Till next time. Happy trails!

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