If you feel the nudge the share with the world, share with the world.


With my eyes wide and mouth agape, I have journeyed on down this path of personal development, stopping along the way to listen and learn, read and absorb, write and reflect. With the exception of sharing bits and pieces on my blog and sharing my posts for my Instagram followers to take a look if they so choose, this journey has been a mostly private pursuit. I’ve read lots of books and blogs, listened to countless podcasts, subscribed to inspiring emails – but in whole, these are not experiences I often share. I live a fairly quiet lifestyle and do not interact with many people as I move throughout my day. Not none, just not many.

Though this gives me ample time to observe the world around me and what bubbles up within me, it does not lend itself well to overcoming the fear of letting other people see me… all of the parts of me… my strengths and my weaknesses, my adventures and my mediocrity, my highlight reel and my messes. I get used to being comfortable and it makes stepping outside of it all that much more difficult (and terrifying). Which is why I’m sharing my blog, knowing that people I know might possibly see it. When hit publish on a link to yesterday’s blog post over on Facebook (for the first time in a long time), I considered taking it all back. I changed my mind. I will stay here in this comfortable place instead of out there where there are unknowns and things I can’t control. But then I remembered that I am inherently worthy, just as you are, and I can and will share what the Universe is nudging me to share without attachment to the result.

This choosing to be vulnerable cannot be taught. (In fact, if someone had instructed me toward it, I would have likely rebelled.) It can only be acted upon, swiftly, and as a means of survival. What I mean is, you have to decide that you are okay with you. And that acceptance of you is saving yourself from a life of what could otherwise be without magic and wonderment. You have to decide that you are inherently worthy and have unique gifts – we all do.

Decide that putting whatever it is you are yearning to share out there in the world is what you’re meant to do.

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