so let’s be honest about some things.

Things I should be doing: crafting up some wedding favors, finishing my laundry, uhh… WRITING MY VOWS

What I’m doing instead: Sitting on my front porch in my bikini writing this blog. Let’s give me a little credit for multi-tasking…. I’m writing… and I’m tanning. I’m just writing the wrong thing… and I should have been work on my tan for the wedding weeks or months ago.

Well, you win some, you lose some. Let’s just hope I don’t burn half of my neck and both eyelids like I did last Tuesday. I’ve been more attentive to my sunscreen application, so fingers crossed.

Well, it’s the Tuesday before the wedding, which means my parents are heading into town today and Aric’s family comes tomorrow! Is this real life? It’s really hard to see what I’m typing and find my cursor with the sun glare on my laptop. I could have worse problems though. Like I could be just now leaving Omaha to come here to get married, not feeling at all prepared for this. Thank you to the complete coincidence of getting to move here! Every time I tell someone we’re getting married here and just moved here they’re confused.

“How did you know you were moving here?”- stranger

“I didn’t” -me

I really hope the regulars that joked about showing up to my wedding don’t actually because numbers were due today and I’d prefer no crashers. Well, unless it’s the Hanson brothers. I hope they’re reading this. So it would take away from the wedding day a little, but I’d take it. And so I would ask Taylor to leave his wife for me… that might be awkward for Aric. Sorry dear.

I feel like I’m missing so many things in Omaha. Missing things and then also missing out on things. Some good friends of mine got a dog! I love dogs! I have to meet Tootsie (whose last name is she taking? or is she going for like a “Beyoncé” or “Madonna” thing?) and one of my other friends came home from Costa Rica and I haven’t gotten to spend all my time in her kitchen making cookies and eating their frozen waffles! And another friend just had a baby and I don’t get to see the cute little half-Asian kid grow! Sad flower.

I’m also missing Dundee, going out to eat (well, we did go out to eat on Sunday for a “one week before the wedding” date but it ended with me at Subway because of the terrible food and worse service… Sylvan Lake Lodge… who would have known…), the conveniences of Target, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and Sephora. I miss having somewhere to go for yoga. I’ll do a handful of sun salutations, stretch a little, do some breathing, but then I start doing something else… like balancing my checkbook, when I should be balancing on my head.

But you can’t beat the quiet nights, starry skies, gorgeous views, hiking trips, the big window in our living room, the wildlife in our backyard (deer, birds, the occasional skunk?) I could live without Richard walking in front of my house 7 times a day. In fact, he just walked by as I’m laying out here. “What’s up, Chard?” (my new nickname for anyone named Richard).

We’ll head into the park on Thursday to check into our cabin. That’s when the real fun begins. It’ll feel more real I’m sure. And once guests start arriving I’m sure it’ll all get that much more exciting.

I better go do something productive. But let’s be honest… all I have time left to do is to go walk Hank and get ready for work. It’s the last workin day before wedding weekend! Lucky me. Not so lucky for our third and only co-worker, Mike. Kelly and I are taking the week off and he gets to work a week from hell. Sorry Mike! I’ll only do this once!

Till next time, folks. And for those of you traveling this way, happy trails & we’ll see you soon!

love from the hills,

katie (only for a few more days) j.

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