Stay present, friends. Because when you do, magic can happen.

Instagram just rocked my world about 25 minutes ago. Image after image, I was led deeper and deeper into a message that spilled one post into the next. They were from different authors, they showed different images, they consisted of different words, but the messages all aligned. They spoke to me. And just now, I retrace my steps to recapture some of that amazing inspiration and it has vanished. Almost as if it never happened. Like if you had blinked, you would have missed the message entirely.

Isn’t that life? If you focus too heavily on your displeasure for the changing weather or how irritated you were waiting in line at the post office or how stressed you are when things don’t go your way or just how badly you want it to be 5:00… you’re going to miss the magic that is happening at this very moment – while you’ve distracted yourself in pity for what is “happening to you.”

We only process a sliver of what is actually surrounding us at any given moment. We see what we want to see, hear what we want to hear, we allow in what we want to allow in. But sometimes, when we’re open and receptive (or we accidentally let something new slip into our conscious mind – and by golly, that’s a lucky slip-up!), we receive these beautiful gifts that make us feel whole again. They inspire. They give us hope. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then we better get to work at cracking open the limiting beliefs you’re holding onto so intently. It’s not your fault for holding onto them, but it is your responsibility to release them.

The message that spoke so profoundly to me through that string of Instagram posts – consisting mostly of quotes – told me loud and clear to forge my own path, let go of what confines me, open myself up to new possibilities. And know that the possibilities may not be what you expect them to be.

If that’s not a pop the champagne bottle moment (or sparking juice in my case) as we make our way to 2018… then I don’t know what is.

And the gift of all gifts is that it inspired me to open my laptop over my lunch break, type something that matters to me, and send without fear or guilt or really without any second thought. See what happens when you put in the work to chip away at the things we tell ourselves that aren’t true? You write, publish, and then smile.

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