The benefits of disconnecting

When you disconnect, even for a little bit,  you allow for a realighment with what matters most. This weekend we are out visiting friends in their cabin in the woods. These friends do not have wifi, or much cell service, and just live differently than most people we know. We admire them for their desire for remoteness and connection to what speaks to their souls.

Last night we laid on the dock by the lake and watched a meteor shower, slept under the stars with the sound of the water washing up to shore, woke up to sun rising over head, and spent our morning talking over a nice, no-frills breakfast of yogurt and granola. Actually, there were some frills. KIND peanut butter granola – it was amazing. And the lake view from our breakfast table.

The purpose here is nothing more than to serve as a reminder to follow your heart a little, play more, explore what excites you, and be amazed by your surroundings.

And watch the stars, remembering how insignificant our problems are and how expansive this beautiful world really is.


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