The things that happen when we believe in ourselves.


You are inherently worthy and capable of great things. And you’re capable of more than you think.

It’s easy for us to live deeply in spaces of safety and comfort. In fact, I once thought I thrived here. We convince ourselves that pushing past these limits isn’t possible – not for us. That’s for other people. And even if we could, we wouldn’t want to. It would lead to discomfort and vulnerability. And those things are unsettling, uncertain, and unstable. Unwelcome, right?

But, at some point in our journey, we begin to believe it’s worth it anyway.

When you begin to trust in yourself – your capabilities, talents and gifts, you will observe shifts in your life. In fact, you’ll feel them every time you approach traffic, get some bad news, or receive criticism. You suddenly feel like you can do this thing called life and you can do it more gracefully than before. You’ll move from lack to abundance, a place of negativity to one of positivity, feelings of overwhelm to feelings of peace radiating from within.

It’s here in this moment that you feel compelled to poke a little bit at the fire within your soul just to see what happens. And what happens is the flame begins to flicker. The logs shift a bit. There’s a crackling followed by a loud pop and then it just keeps on roaring.

Let it… and a few things will happen.

  1. You’ll realize that you can start now. You don’t have to wait until you are perfect and whole to begin living out your dreams. (Well, because you already are.) And hell, if we did wait until we felt it was the right time and that we were ready… we would be all be lying on the ground crying right now. Which is fine to do every now and again, but not every day. Be a beginner for a little while. It feels both terrible and empowering all at once.
  2. You’ll become more prepared to face struggle. No one likes to struggle – with internal factors that we’re working through or external factors that are out of our control. But the more we believe in our abilities – the more we believe that one of these abilities is to overcome difficult things. And soon, you’ll realize that they’re necessary in order to grow.
  3. You’ll grow faster than you ever thought possible. When you set a goal, you know it’ll take day after day after day in order to see progress. It will take what feels like forever. But as you begin to meet small milestones along the way, the entire process picks up speed and you begin to feel unstoppable. Most days, you won’t be able to imagine what it was ever like to be a beginner on this particular journey, but you are glad that you once did. Other days, you’ll know all too well what it’s like. And that vulnerability hangover, the one where you feel absolute terror over putting yourself out there, well that thing comes and goes. Growth is not a straight line. Mine is usually a zig-zag. At least it makes a more interesting design, right?
  4. You’ll be proud of your accomplishments. Whether you’re the recipient of a prestigious award or you’re proud of the fact that you rolled out of bed after only two rounds of the snooze button, celebrate it. And once you reach one accomplishment, bend a little further and see what happens. Try for one just snooze the next day. And soon you’ll be waking up without your alarm. What you once thought was impossible is possible. But no one said you’d wake up without your alarm and still be on time.
  5. You’ll ask for bigger miracles. You don’t have to play small in this world. That mentality is for those who don’t yet know what they’re capable of and you know what you’re capable of because you’ve been testing your limits. You’ve already overcome so much. Ask for more, believe there’s more. You’ll see. Channel your inner Daenerys Targaryen. Except your miracles can’t include burning people alive with dragon fire. I mean, they can. But, maybe don’t.
  6. You’ll find happiness where you are now. Your contentedness in today does not mean you won’t set new goals and reach new heights. Now that you’ve gotten this far, there’s no stopping you. You are grateful for how far you’ve come and all of the rest yet to be discovered. There’s no longer a desperate longing for future you, but an understand that she’ll come in time.

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