the three best things.

When I love something, I go all in. Like, hold on because I’m about to share everything you never wanted to know about said item/product/thought/experience. Actually, I’ve gotten better (I think) at sharing things in a reasonable manner rather than an overwhelming, gung-ho “you gotta drink the koolaid…. come on, man just try it” sort of approach. Well, you be the judge…

ONE. Notes from the Universe. If you’re a feel-good, personal development, unicorns and rainbows, let’s make some changes, the world is a beautiful place, seeker of all things magical… this is for you. If you’re none of the above, this is for you. Let’s get this straight, I’m not a cover the walls with inspiring quotes kind of girl (anymore– yes, I realize I did this in college). I like inspiring quotes, I enjoy reading them and returning to them, but I don’t need to cover my house in them. (Also, sidenote: I married a guy who hates words on walls.) This daily(ish) automated personalized email has changed my mornings, heck… my entire day. I used to spend 15 to erhm.. 50 minutes mindlessly browsing the internets (and then wondering why I’m always late). Now, I commit to less than one minute of checking my email for one reason only. I open my Notes from the Universe email and in that 20-60 seconds, receive more than I ever could imagine. Here’s an example of what I read this past Saturday morning.

It’s true, Katie, the early bird gets the worm.
So does the late bird and the bird in-between. Because, by design, there are always more than enough worms.
In fact, the only bird that doesn’t get a worm is the bird that doesn’t go out to get one.
Oh, to be alive…
The Universe

and last Friday…

Yes, Katie, you can have whatever you want. ANYTHING you can imagine. You name it. It’s yours. Done deal. Zip, zap. Bing, bong. Ka-pow.

You just have to go get it. K?

I’ll help, The Universe

and don’t forget the P.S…..

Katie, we’re a team. I’ll do the hard parts, but you gotta get us started.”

Amazing, right? I feel so grateful to have found this and I hope in me sharing it, some of you can feel the affects of it too. It is consistently profound and beautiful and silly and playful and inspiring and eye-opening. I have received these emails for about 4, maybe 5 months, and can hardly express how much it has served as the jump start to my day. If reading those words above doesn’t make you smile and want to jump out of your bed or chair and say “HELL YES”– I don’t know what would.

TWO. Walking. Okay, this is really nothing new at all. In fact, walking upright is something we’ve been doing for oh, 3-6 million years. I think I’m just late to appreciate it. Walking without purpose was boring to me. I enjoyed walking to get somewhere (even sometimes preferred it to driving), walking my dogs because I knew it was great exercise for them, walking in nature at a beautiful state or national park to see the sights and experience the beauty of the world. But I rarely considered walking for enjoyment… walking to clear my mind… walking to enjoy another’s company. I’m realizing I don’t need to be on a hiking trail to notice the warmth of the sun or chirps and snickers of wildlife. I’m also finding that walking is a great form of exercise and it’s okay to substitute a 2 mile walk for a high intensity workout or strength training session if that’s what I’m feeling would better suit me that day. So give it up for walking for no reason!

THREE. Gilmore Girls.
You know those things that make you slightly embarrassed by how deeply obsessed you are? (Except later in life you just fully embrace them and even begin to flaunt it a bit because how could you not?) Gilmore Girls and Hanson. But let’s focus on my two favorite pop culture reference spewing brunettes. And one word… Jess. Am I right? There are hardly words to describe my excitement for the Gilmore Girls Revival. Then they went and caught me off guard on Tuesday with the trailer release. Lots of tears, lots of replays, lots of Stars Hollow daydreams. Even if you can’t relate to this particular feeling toward Gilmore Girls– think about your Gilmore Girls or your Hanson brothers equivalent. For my 3-year old buddy Graham, I know that’s Star Wars. For Aric, it’s Game of Thrones and prairie plants. For Hank and Archie, it’s taking naps in the sun and going somewhere… going anywhere. Remember yours and never let it go.

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