This is your reminder to take action before you talk yourself out of it.

This is your reminder that the only way to grow is to first take a step in a direction… in any direction. To deliberately choose action over passively accepting inaction. I realize it feels like you’re taking action when you spend your days analyzing, researching, and thinking things through, but do you know that you’re really just delaying the action? You are in a state of constant hesitation. You do not have to make a decision here. It’s nice. It’s comfortable and cozy and you’re busy, you’re so so busy… over there analyzing, researching, and thinking things through.

This is your reminder that hesitation is not progress.┬áThat paralysis by uncertainty is still paralysis. You can prepare, plan, organize, research, and think through things till your heart is content. But it won’t be. You’ll draft another pro/con list, you’ll ask others for their opinion, you’ll read more inspirational quotes– maybe just one more google results page. You can float here in this place of inaction until you feel ready, but all you’ll ever do is hang there in suspense. It feels safe there… it feels productive. So productive. But it’s a false productivity. You are really just keeping yourself busy. You’re distracting yourself and feeding the part of you that believes if you choose the wrong thing or make a mistake, you could have prevented it by another day of deliberation.

This is your reminder that growth is in the mistakes you make and the wrong decisions and the action. Hesitate any longer and you may talk yourself out of it and that would be a shame, my friend. Let those dreams run wild and become something. You take a step, just one to start… and the Universe will meet you halfway. Believe it to be true and true it will be.

This is your reminder. But this is also my reminder. We all need one every now and again.


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