three inspiring links to start your weekend

The list of inspiring human beings out there in the world is a long one. I truly believe the more outstanding personal development stuff you take in, the better– but it can be challenging to find the best content that will give you that instant boost. I’m here to share with you the three most inspiring links I’ve read this week to start your weekend off right.

Zen Habits – Why I’m Always in a Hurry & What I’m Doing About It by Leo Babauta

Zen Habits is a brilliant blog. High praise, right? Well, let me just say that every time Leo sends an email out to his email subscribers, I feel the need to stop whatever it is I’m doing and tune in. I find myself nodding my head through his entire post because I’m just like, “ME TOO!” Well, this one opened my eyes because I, too, find myself rushing through tasks, whether I enjoy the task or not. Take reading for example. I’m the world’s worst reader, in that I start books and don’t finish them. And I continue to buy more books even with my half-read pile stacked up by my nightstand. It didn’t register for me that this is, in fact, greed taking over. It’s not to say you can’t be passionate about something or excited for more learning, more exploring, more seeing, more doing, more thinking. But be good with what you have NOW. Just cool your jets a bit and focus on the here and now. Please know, I’m talking to myself entirely on this one. Like, Katie… cool it. Slow down. Enjoy what you’re doing now, seeing now, learning now, exploring now, reading now.

Notes on Bliss – How to Manifest Your Dreams by Elyse Santilli

Notes on Bliss, guys. Elyse speaks to my soul time and time again. She is this magnificent guide to seek out the brightest, most vibrant, light-filled parts of who you are. This video series on How to Manifest Your Dreams was such a treat. After you start feeling more gratitude and thinking more positively and jiving with the idea that you already have everything you want or desire within you… you can start to play with the idea of manifesting things in your life and it’s so much fun. Just because you say something in your head that you want to be true doesn’t mean it will happen exactly how you think it will or when you want it to happen, but by focusing on certain dreams you’re after– things start to happen, the stars begin to align, and opportunities pour in– when you start to believe it’s possible!

Maria Forleo – Elizabeth Gilbert on Fear, Authenticity & Big Magic

I listened to this in podcast format while driving this week. I wish someone had been in the car with me to see my facial expressions. Eyes bright, mouth agape, head nodding so much it could have fallen off. This 50 minute video (also available on your podcast app of choice at The Maria Forleo Podcast) is for anyone who has a dream, but has reservations about it– gosh, it’s been done before… how could I do it any better than x, y, z. If you’ve ever thought this, you are in for a game changer here, guys. Guaranteed it has been done before, but it has not been done by you. I loved the part when she and Maria talk about the importance of choosing to pursue your creative dreams for you. Cause that’s all anyone can do and that’s the truth.

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