What is the one thing you wish for most? Say it out loud. Watch it manifest in your life.

Tell me something. What is the one thing you wish for most? Now speak the words out loud. Quick, before you contemplate whether you’re capable or ready for it. Don’t be ashamed by what came up. Don’t question it. Be content with it. Explore it.

Now, imagine we live in a world where any of your dreams can come true. Yes, even that dream!

Now believe we do. Believe we do live in a world where your dreams can become true. Your dreams can come to life in a way you only, well, dreamed of before. Believe it because, fellow soul-seekers, it is the truth. Now, one more time, repeat that dream of yours out loud. And repeat it to yourself every day for the next week. After one week. flip the script. Instead of “I want…..[insert radical rockstar achievement here].” Say “I will achieve… [insert delicious future-you scenario].” Keep saying it as often as possible… into the mirror, on your commute to work, while you’re washing the dishes, before you go to sleep, when you wake up. “I will achieve…[insert dreamiest of dreams here].

What happens is our subconscious mind believe our statement to be true. So even if you don’t quite fully and totally believe that you can achieve this dream, your subconscious mind does. It doesn’t doubt for a second that the words you are speaking aren’t truth. The more you say it as if you’ve already achieved it, the closer you get to it. Sound like a plan? Be gentle and kind to yourself. The more we practice positive, big-dream stuff… the more we get exactly that in return.

This is about you and your journey to achieving your larger than life dreams. The Universe will guide you there, but you have to say “yes” to it. You have to be alert (read: mindful) as to not miss the opportunities presented to you. The Universe is rooting for you to succeed, but you have to be ready to receive it’s plentiful goodness.

Now, one more time. Your biggest dream. Don’t hesitate. Speak it out loud, believe it’s true, bask in the joyfulness it brings.

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