When creativity calls, will you answer?

Sometimes in the middle of my day, between emails and prepping for upcoming projects and events, between designing and trips to the water cooler… I feel overwhelmed. But it’s not stress from what I’m doing. It’s stress from what I’m not doing.

Do you ever hear the call of creativity (it’s loud and boisterous, sometimes nagging). You know it when you hear it. And then there’s a bit of panic that sets in. Panic over the thought that you might not answer. There is resistance because we think we lack time and resources. There is resistance because we are fearful of putting ourselves and our work out there for others to judge. Or worse, that no one will see it.

Well, one thing is true. No one will ever see it if you never create it.

The guilt you feel for not already fulfilling your dreams. Let that go. Feeling guilty over something you have no control over is counter-productive. The dread you feel for all of the work you have yet to do. Let that go too. Feeling dread over something you haven’t yet done is counter-productive. The embarrassment you feel for having to start from the beginning and be vulnerable. Let that go. Feeling embarrassed that you have to start from the start, well now that’s not only counter-productive, that’s ridiculous. All you have is the here and now. (Or perhaps the later today, if you’re contemplating this while at work.)

Answer this. What can you do to fulfill your creativity? I’m not saying what activity or form of art. I’m saying, what will it take for you to fulfill the creativity inside of you? Will you have to wake up earlier? Will you have to lock yourself in a room on the weekends. Forgo nightly Netflix binges? The answer is yes, yes, and sometimes yes.

Right now, where I am on my journey, I need to step outside my comfort zone. That will mean writing, dreaming, reading, planning above all else. It will take some sacrifices (of which one will not be sleep), but perhaps it means going to bed earlier, waking up earlier, signing off of Pinterest, letting the dishes pile up just a little.

At the end of my life, will rewatching the entire series of Game of Thrones for the third time in one year really matter? Well, the action-packed fantasy drama of medieval realism and historical fiction does instill valuable life lessons. You know, every child should have a direwolf and there’s such a fine line between good and evil.

But no. The answer is sadly no.

What will truly matter is the hard work you put into your passions. In my case, to writing. To personal development. To creating. To finding my voice and sharing it with an audience, no matter the size. To do it just for me and forget the rest.

When creativity comes calling, will you answer?

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