You are creative, no matter how many times it’s already been done.

We have big ideas. Whether it’s a beautiful masterpiece or best-selling prose or an expressive painting or a craft idea for your kids to entertain themselves while you make dinner – it’s all in the ideas that beg for us to create them. But when we begin to deliberate with our creative minds, we’re are sometimes met with resistance. Perhaps you have a good idea, but you know it has been done before. You don’t know how you could possibly “top” its previous versions. It’s been done before and it’s been done well. Why would we bother to regurgitate this for the world to only see again? But as Elizabeth Gilbert reminds us in Big Magic, “once you put your own expression and passion behind an idea, that idea becomes yours.” If the great artists and musicians and writers of our time and of centuries past were concerned with painting the same pieces, composing the same melodies, and writing the same stories, no one would ever create a single thing again.

So whatever it is that you are holding back on creating, this is your opportunity to share your gifts and talents that are unique to you. Whether we think we’ve seen it once, twice, or a thousand times before, we haven’t seen it through your eyes. So show us. Whether it’s an idea you’ve long held onto or a new idea that comes about – allow yourself the opportunity to share it. Because then at least you’ve given it a chance to be a big idea – you’ve released it and let it become what it will. And that very thing could be more than you ever imagined.


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